A-Train PC Classic includes 23 pre-defined scenarios.

3 Tutorial Scenarios
Especially designed to get you started in A-Train, play through "Take the A-Train" to grow an island population through development of railways, "Get the city moving" which adds new transport like trucks and streetcars and concentrates on logistics, and "On Track to Tomorrow" to learn the pleasure of dealing with subsidiaries, banks and stock market.
8 Original 3DS Scenarios
The original 3DS campaign with it's challenges and hours of gameplay.
12 Additional Scenarios
Originally only available as DLC to the Japanese 3DS version, these 12 scenarios are now for the first time in English for your enjoyment.

Once you clear the teaching steps, the construction mode becomes available. This will let you create your own maps and scenarios that you can share on the Steam Workshop for all to enjoy.

Here are some examples of the scenarios available:

Paradise Island

Long popular with tourists, the population of this island is now on the rise. A "New Transport System" project is underway to improve transport infrastructure on the island.

Hilltop Home

A new project has begun to develop a large-scale planned community in a green, hilly area. An efficient transport network will be needed to provide a high quality of life.

Tourist Haven

Surrounded by mountains and sea, this town bustles with tourists. With a bullet train line planned to come through, the passenger transport network will need to be expanded.