What's New

Artdink just celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016. Since those early days, the masterpiece "Let's Take the A-Train" series of games, known simply as A-Train in the west, has been released on various platforms and has greatly evolved over time.

A-Train 3DS and A-Train PC Classic were made as a refined A-Train experience, going back to the roots of the series, focusing on the puzzle-like aspect of leading a transport company and how it affects the town.

A-Train PC Classic is also an effort to make the complex system underlying A-Train games as accessible as possible to let everyone, newcomers and veterans alike, but also high-end machines as well as portable laptops, enjoy the train scheduling and company building.

Here are some of the new features in A-Train PC Classic:

  • Step-by-step tutorial system
    Your assistants will help you every step of the way, introducing and explaining game concepts and reminding you of your scenario goals.
  • A living world
    Scenarios introduce competitors who will attempt to build their own networks and compete for resources, adding a new challenge to the A-Train franchise.
  • Multiple resources
    Ore, Coal, Fish and other natural resources need transportation on your freight network as well as the raw materials your towns and cities need to grow. Concentrate on one or diversify and control them all.
  • 23 scenarios
    Play to achieve the targets set by the scenario, then continue into open gameplay once these goals have been met.
  • Multiple methods of transport
    Rail, road, and tram networks each with their own advantages
  • Innovation and invention
    As the years go by the transport network and rolling stock will be updated as new inventions such as diesel and electric trains are introduced. These include iconic maglev vehicles.
  • Underground or overground
    If space is an option, the right research unlocks the ability to build networks underground.
  • Projects
    Research your own advancements. Improve the efficiency of your network or develop unique structures and advantages.
  • Steam Workshop integration
    Create your own scenarios and networks then upload them to the Steam Workshop to share with others.
  • Ultra hi-res support
    To allow A-Train PC Classic to play on any screen resolution including multi-screen setups, map tile graphics have all been remade in higher quality.