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What Is A-Train 9 Railway Simulator?

A-Train 9 is a railways and business simulation game. The aim is to create a transport network which supports the growth of a thriving and profitable city or town.

How is the latest version different from the original A-Train 9?

A-Train 9 Railways Simulator has a host of new graphics, features and game-play elements that are the result of the games continuous development over 4 years. Here's a look at what's new [Link to "what's new" page]

What Is The Heritage Of A-Train?

The first version of the game came out in 1998. This makes it one of the first games of its type. A-Train 3 was released worldwide in the 1990's as "A-Train" on platforms as diverse as the PC and Sony Playstation

Are you going to support the game for the long haul?

Absolutely yes. Degica are going to "doing it right". We have ensured that the game is properly regionalized before release and will continue to support it afterwards.

Are all the trains and engines from the latest Japanese version in this game?

At the time of release some engines are missing. This is due to licensing issues. However, Degica are committed adding more engine types over time, it is our intention, where possible, to make these additions free of charge. We are actively negotiating with rail companies throughout the world for the rights to use their trains livery and likenesses in the game.

How much does A-Train cost?

The dollar price for the full game is $59.99(at launch). There is a 50% discount for anyone who already owns the previous A-Train 9 on Steam

Where can I buy A-Train 9 Railway Simulator from?

It can be bought from here, or from Steam [link to steam page once up]

Where can I learn more?

We will have an active blog at In depth video tutorials, Let's Plays , articles and resources will be updated there frequently


Stuck in the game or looking for some general tips and tricks? Check out the tutorials in PDF format via the link below!