A-Train 9

Train Simulator

What's New In A-Train Railway Simulator?

Considering upgrading your old version of A-Train? That's a great idea. Here's why.


The new version of A-Train offers more control than ever. Track laying has been improved allowing you to create the layout you are after. Trains can now have their own custom consist and speed settings. Land can be raised and flattened within the game itself (at a cost). It's your world, creating the perfect rail and road transport system has never been more satisfying.


Hundreds of new art assets are included in the game. From roadside elements such as post boxes and bus stands right up to suspension bridges, historical landmarks and airports. You can now create detailed and interesting worlds alive with detail.


Massive areas of land to expand in to. View it all in 4K resolution (with a suitable monitor) and decide whether you want to use the new 1:1 scale modelling in the game which adds a new level of realism. Whether it's the big image, or small detail; A-Train Railways simulator has scale covered.


egica bring a new level of support to the worldwide release of A-Train. With effort spent on localisation before launch and our commitment to continue to support the game with updates, and improvements after launch. You can feel confident that this is the definitive version of A-Train Railway Simulator

With great discounts for existing owners of A-Train through Steam, upgrading to the most comprehensive version of A-Train has never been easier.

A-Train-9 Railway Simulator is
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