Large City

So many people in such a crowded place.
Yes, this is a large city with a wide and unfocussed transport network.
There is a great deal of room for growth outside this congested area. Can you smooth out the transport flow and make this city a better place for its residents?

River City

A city set around the bends of a beautiful river. The central area has a mix of residential, commercial and farm land. The river itself forms a barrier between the main developed city and huge areas of land outside.
Can you zone the city effectively, make use of the land outside the city and not spoil the stunning landscape in the process?

Beach and Waterfront

A city by the sea. Expansive properties overlook the sea as the yachts or millionaire residents bob in the harbour.
While these residents bring in wealth, it’s also clear that the city needs to grow and attract business and industry.
The challenge is to grow the city inland without reducing the value of the plush waterfront developments.